Community Objects

September 30, 2008

What are Community Objects?? Objects, products, services, things, stuff – that is in and used by the people in your community. This could be anything from a church clock, a public telephone or a self service bike.
bike dispenser

bike dispenser

There are interesting questions raised on things like ownership. Do we really need to own a car when we can use such services as StreetCar? Would you want the old red public telephone box at the end of your street to disappear? (even if you’ve never used it..)
Community Objects are a vital part of any village, town or city. Take them away and you take away its heart. The community loses the ability to function, interactions are stifled and communications broken.
We have set up a flickr community group that will hopefully in time become a visual database/collection of the vast array of community objects that we may use, value, pass by or ignore everyday. PLEASE feel free to add to this!