Collection Boxes

October 15, 2008

They are on almost every shop counter, outside most museums, in churches to bars. How many of these do we see, walk past or ignore every day?

collection boxes

collection boxes

Is it the design of the collection box that is the problem or our attitude to charity? How could the design and interaction of these prolific objects be improved to encourage people to not only donate, but to do so time after time?

Ive been developing products in this area, for more details on this check this blog entry: Connection Boxes. For an update on them check this link: Connection Boxes MkII


3 Responses to “Collection Boxes”

  1. Vish Says:

    I think it is not an attitude towards charity that we ignore it.

    To my mind we have about a minute at the counter while checking out, to see the donation box, understand the cause, make up the mind and donate. This is not sufficient time to make up the mind. This also brings out the current placements of the charity boxes are wrong.

    I usually donate money to charity organizations every month when my pay cheque arrives. This way i chose a time at my convinience and review a charity cause before making a decision.

    Thats just my two cents!!!! 🙂

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