Selfish Self Service

October 15, 2008


The 4th annual NCR sponsored design competition between Robert Gordon University’s Product Design course and Dundee University’s Innovative Product Design course was launched yesterday. 
Competition Launch

Competition Launch

The title of this years brief being “selfish self service“. We have asked the students to design for the ultimate market of one. Not something they are used to doing! It will be interesting to learn what they require in a self service.   
The competition has grown from strength to strength over the last 4 years with interesting approaches to the challenges given to them. We look forward to seeing the results from this years students! 
What would be your prefect self-service product/service? Does it already exist? 
What self-service devices do you enjoy using or absolutely hate?

One Response to “Selfish Self Service”

  1. Jamie Says:


    I’m a business research major and am very curious in finding out more about this project and what exactly is meant by its title “selfish self-service.” This idea is something that I think would be interesting to mention to one of my professors.

    Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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