Student Comp 09 – The winner is…

November 10, 2010

Christopher McNicholl. Well done to all the students who participated in the event. Chris from Dundee University was the worthy winner and had a 4 month placement within the Cx Group at NCR.

Moneytree Savings

“Nowadays, most banks provide several kinds of savings accounts for young people, however few offer any other services or facilities to bring children to the bank. With finance becoming of increasing importance in modern society, it would seem that educating children more about money should be on our agendas.

‘Moneytree Savings’ is a savings scheme for children, designed to get them more involved in banking activities from a younger age. By giving them a virtual tree to grow and nurture, it is intended that ‘Moneytree Savings’ will instil the skills and values required to manage personal finance in later life. The scheme also encourages children to go to the bank on a regular basis, familiarising them with such an environment and the practices used there. In addition, the child will also be contributing to their own account, which will provide them financial support once they reach a certain age.”


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