April 22, 2011


Chris McNicholl (our intern last year) is completing his 4th and final year at Product Design, Dundee University. Read more about his final year project here!

Ideas Day

November 18, 2010

Ideas Day

My blog posts are not always up-to-date or in chronological order…and this Ideas Day post is an example this.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to attend the Ideas Day event at Dundee University as part of Product Design course. The event is an opportunity for the final year students to get input from industry on their projects. As ever the students work, even at this early stage, was well considered, thought provoking and showed great potential for some interesting outcomes.

Ideas Day

At the end of the day we were invited to debate on interesting topics like the future of social media and what will product design be in 10 years.

On this years bill was:

Abigail Sellen (Microsoft Research)
Tim Regan (Microsoft Research)
Richard Banks (Microsoft Research)
Tim Brook (Nokia Research)
Steve Birnie (NCR)
Charlie Rohan (NCR)
Bill Gaver (Goldsmiths)
Chris Speed (Edinburgh College of Art)
Kenny Anderson a.k.a. King Creosote (Fencecollective).

Ideas Day debate

NCR Design Competition 2010

NCR Design Competition 2010

I am please to announce that NCR will be sponsoring the Student Design competition for the 6th year. Unfortunately Glasgow University could not participate this year due to other commitments but we still have Robert Gordons University, Dundee University and Edinburgh College of Art.

I am also pleased that we not only have the continued support of Scottish Enterprise this year we have added Creative Scotland and the V & A at Dundee. Members from each will be part of the judging panel.

The Brief:

NCR use the brand slogan: ‘Experience a new world of interaction’ – Taking this as the theme, explore what this could mean to you and your generation in the next 2 years. What is the new world of self-service interaction? Research and understand what people want their experience to be in relation to a particular area of self-service. Demonstrate how the consumers experience is facilitated through a concept design. The initial solutions should be able to be brought to market in a 2 year time frame. All final solutions should be sensitive to the NCR brand.

The Kick-off Event:

This year it was hosted by Sue Fairburn of Robert Gordons University in Aberdeen.

There were various speakers, from NCR, Charlie Rohan (Director of Cx | Design) presenting project background, self-service within NCR and the NCR design process. Chistopher McNicholl (last years winner) came to present his winning project and importantly gave the students an insight into his internship within the NCR Cx design team.

During the kick-off event we like to have a small design activity that get the students working with each other and is a bit of fun. This year the students got to play with Lego while thinking about design solutions that matched objects/things on a series of playing cards. It was a great activity to get the creative mind working and really helped to break down any barriers and I am sure all involved enjoyed the activity.

The student group

Competition kick-off event

Competition kick-off event

Design workshop activity

Christopher McNicholl. Well done to all the students who participated in the event. Chris from Dundee University was the worthy winner and had a 4 month placement within the Cx Group at NCR.

Moneytree Savings

“Nowadays, most banks provide several kinds of savings accounts for young people, however few offer any other services or facilities to bring children to the bank. With finance becoming of increasing importance in modern society, it would seem that educating children more about money should be on our agendas.

‘Moneytree Savings’ is a savings scheme for children, designed to get them more involved in banking activities from a younger age. By giving them a virtual tree to grow and nurture, it is intended that ‘Moneytree Savings’ will instil the skills and values required to manage personal finance in later life. The scheme also encourages children to go to the bank on a regular basis, familiarising them with such an environment and the practices used there. In addition, the child will also be contributing to their own account, which will provide them financial support once they reach a certain age.”